Programmed death of e-cigarettes shops? Part 2

The seller of e-cigarettes will appeal and continue to promote its products.

No question for the seller daunted. Well aware that the decision was rendered in the context of a legal vacuum around on the regulation of the electronic cigarette, it will appeal decided to succeed.

Counsel and advocates vapote is also quite optimistic, believing that the judge, in its first decision, exceeded the legal framework, which is not yet defined, regarding the sale of this product. Probably it was too early to give due to one or other of the parties.

It will be necessary now that the judicial determination in the light of new European legislation published there only a few days, and, failing to give proper legal status to electronic cigarette gives some terms of sale and its use.

Or rather, does not change anything about his selling points: the countries of the European Union reserving its distribution to pharmacies may continue so, and those offering the outside pharmacies, as is the case of France, will also.

Nothing in the text does not address the issue of competition, nothing seems to help decide in tobacconists / sellers of e-cigarettes conflicts. Nothing either for advertising or authorization or not in public places, two points that could indicate whether the Government and Europe favor an assimilation of e-cigarette tobacco or not. These issues will not be resolved before the law on public health, planned for in 2014.

In other words, the twists may be many in the coming months.

Programmed death of e-cigarettes shops?

Justice agreed with the tobacconist Plaisance- du- Touch ( 31) complaint against a trade electronic cigarettes for unfair competition. The latter was forced to close his business consisting of two shops and a website selling online.

An eagerly awaited for the first trial of its kind decision

Small reminder of the facts: early October, a tobacconist in the Toulouse suburb attacked his neighbor, retailer of electronic cigarettes, for unfair competition. Managers accused him essentially the fact that it is advertising its products products from tobacconists, similar to those sold in tobacconists.

In the absence of legislation governing the sale and advertisement of e-cigarettes, it was difficult to anticipate the judgment. Moreover, the case is the first of its kind in France, the outcome would become decisive for the following possible.

Unfair competition recognized by the justice

In early December, the court of Toulouse gave his verdict : the sale of electronic cigarettes off the network tobacconists is for the latter, unfair competition. The manager of the offending store has been forced to put the key under the door. In addition to that, he was in the ban on advertising for its products on the web.

But then, if it complies with this decision, it would mean that all electronic cigarettes and their products should only be sold in newsagents. How such a measure could it be implemented in the light of hundreds of specialty shops that are constantly opening?

Ten requests for opening shops is addressed every day in France. If these stores become illegal, 2,500 jobs could be at risk. An economic disaster for many new traders.

In addition, the court of Toulouse, in its decision, entered the electronic cigarette in the category “product derived from tobacco” and not “consumer product”. Pushing the logical conclusion, the vapotage become banned in all public places. Suffice to say that this decision could have very serious consequences for all followers of the e-cigarette consumers as distributors.

Smoking: Especially not stop vapoter!

The Department of Health has announced some measures to limit the public use of the electronic cigarette, applying the rules of the Evin law (prohibition of advertising, sales to minors and use in public places ) . Yet if smoking kills, the electronic cigarette safe. It is this assertion in a statement three renowned in smoking cessation . Anyway, if you quit smoking for vapotage, especially Carry On!

This usage does not expose you to cancer or myocardial and the key is there. You will keep continuing your health until the day you decide to stop all the smoke and steam.

If smoking kills, electronic cigarette saves!

Around me there are more and more vapoteurs . And more smokers who wonder if they pass the course, but do not dare : they are afraid.Yet in smoking cessation are all agreed that the electronic cigarette is infinitely less dangerous tobacco because it contains no tar (responsible for cancers) or carbon monoxide ( responsible for heart attacks and strokes ). It contains many common products, propylene glycol (which consists smoke theaters) and glycerol (vegetable glycerin), flavors.

But nicotine is not hazardous to health: it gives neither cancer nor heart attack, why is prescribed. It is better, by far, vapoter smoking.

The department wants priority to protect non- smokers

It provides a comprehensive tour of the issue and recommends 28 measures. Among these, the Department has retained those designed to protect non-smokers, as the prohibition of advertising, sales to minors and use in public places . Electronic cigarette remains fully authorized in France, as the report points out that the real cigarette smoking kills 73,000 a year in France and the e-cigarette is a real alternative infinitely less dangerous.